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Welcome to the Royal Film Company, your production house for royal ideas and unique projects. We design and produce branded entertainment, social media content, live streaming, feature films, series and documentaries. Our goal is to create majestic entertainment with lasting emotional impact.

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Feature Film | Royal Film Company

The Elephant Strikes Back
Year: 1995
Director: Walt Raxip

Feature Film | Royal Film Company

In the Air Balloon Tonight
Year: 1978
Director: George Playmountain

Feature Film | Royal Film Company

A Trip to Venus
Year: 1967
Director: Flet Yoke

Feature Film | Royal Film Company

I'll be your Spoon
Year: 1987
Director: Alfredo Vertigo

Feature Film | Royal Film Company

Fast Food at Steffany's
Year: 1972
Director: John Jeep Roccola
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About Us

The Royal Film Company was founded in 1934 by cameraman M. Carpenter and producer Ben Calves during the shooting of their famous documentary „Love-letters for a warthog“.

Today the headquarter is based in Stuttgart, Germany, with a branch office in Bludenz, Austria. The UK office is still based in London and is only responsible for our fictional content.

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